Brooklyn, NY 11201

Mon-Fri 11am to 9pm

Bigeye Sushi is a fast-casual eatery that serves fresh sushi, rolls and bowls made to order. Located in Metrotech Center in Downtown Brooklyn, Bigeye Sushi offers delicious, inventive fare for dine in, takeout and delivery. Order for delivery below, or through Caviar, Seamless and Grubhub.

Made Fast. Made Well. Made Fresh.


A Popular Destination for Fresh Sushi and Sol Casino Gambling in Istanbul

Located in the bustling city of Istanbul, Bigeye Sushi has become a go-to spot for those craving fresh sushi and other Japanese-inspired dishes. With its fast-casual concept, customers can expect their meals to be made to order with only the finest and freshest ingredients.

But aside from its delectable food offerings, Bigeye Sushi has also gained a reputation as the most popular place in Istanbul for online gambling in Asian frolickings of chance at the . This may seem like an unlikely combination, but it has proven to be a winning combination for both the restaurant and the casino.

The fusion of Asian betting games in the Turkish digital leisure scene is not just a passing trend, but a reflection of the globalized nature of entertainment. The reach of these rounds extends beyond geographic and cultural boundaries, creating a universal appeal that transcends traditional betting experiences. Turkish players are not only engaging with these but also learning about the rich histories and traditions that they represent. This cultural exchange enriches the betting experience, making it more than just a pursuit of winnings but also a journey into diverse cultural landscapes. Sol Casino, with its diverse collection of these activities, plays a pivotal role in bridging these cultural gaps. The platform offers an educational aspect for those unfamiliar with these, providing guides and strategies to help newcomers navigate the complexities of tournaments like Mahjong or Sic Bo. This approach not only enhances the user experience but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the cultural heritage embedded in these frolics.


Originally from Japan, Pachinko has found a surprising fanbase in Turkey. This tournament often likened to a vertical pinball machine, combines elements of chance with manual dexterity. The captivating visuals and unique mechanism of Pachinko, available at Sol Casino, offer an exotic and engaging experience, different from traditional betting rounds. It is often compared to a vertical pinball machine, but it offers much more than just simple chance and luck. Pachinko requires a combination of skill and strategy, making it an exciting addition to the world of gambling.


Another frolic that has captivated Turkish players is Mahjong, a tile-based game rich in history and strategy. This ancient Chinese fun requires skill, strategy, and a bit of luck, making it an intriguing option for players who enjoy a more intellectually stimulating betting experience. At platforms like Sol Casino, Mahjong's digital version retains the essence of the traditional game, while providing a convenient and accessible form for online enthusiasts.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo, a contest of ancient Chinese origin, is all about predicting the outcome of three dice. This has gained popularity in Turkey for its simplicity and fast-paced nature. All reputable platforms offer various versions of Sic Bo, catering to both novices and seasoned players looking for an easy-to-understand yet exciting betting contest.


Originating from Asia, Baccarat has become a favourite among Turkish players. Known for its simple rules and engaging process, Baccarat at Sol Casino offers a sophisticated yet straightforward betting experience. This game's appeal lies in its balance of chance and strategy, attracting a wide range of players.

These matches offer a unique blend of culture, strategy, and entertainment, appealing to a wide audience seeking diverse betting experiences. As the world becomes more interconnected, the fusion of different betting cultures and matches will likely continue, leading the way in providing a rich and varied betting landscape.